Friday, May 20, 2011

Liv Life well!

About a month ago, I was introduced to a product called Liv Skinney. It's a phenomenal company with awesome products. I shared it with my friends, and they have seen the same thing I works! So, I decided to use this blog, temporarily, as a posting board. It'll be for posting results, congratulating each other on our successes, ideas and tips to share etc.. This will be for current members only, so you'll have to send me an email ( or post your comment here. I'll start with myself. I've been on it for 4 wks now, and I've lost 5 lbs, 2" on my waist, an inch on my arms, and 2" on my hips. My thyroid issues are almost gone. I was having tons of symptons that I no longer have. I feel so much better. I have energy. I'm no longer addicted to coffee or sweets, and can eat those things in moderation without a problem. My constant headaches are gone as well. My husband has lost 10 lbs (not fair) :) in 3 weeks time, and has seen a major difference in his energy level. Our kids are now starting to drink it, and I'm looking forward to seeing results with their sugar addictions as well. I'm so thankful to have found this awesome company. Have questions? Send me an email.

I'm excited to see your results, and cheer you on!

Liv Life Well.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sister Wives...really??

Yes, I can't help myself. I have to comment on the show, Sister Wives. I have only seen it twice, but I definitely feel the need to say something about it. My first reaction was total shock that they would even glorify this lifestyle by giving it a show. The second thoughts were how sad that these poor women have such low self esteems that they don't even think they deserve one man all to themselves. It's actually one of the saddest things I've seen in awhile. Maybe it's because it's my Anniversary tomorrow, but it's got me thinking about my life. I thoroughly enjoy being the queen of my own castle, be it ever so humble. I mean, I have the attention, love and nurture from one man, and he from me. Isn't that so beautiful of God's design? My life's accomplishment is met when he is happy, loved, and cared for. That's not my whole life, but you understand what I mean. He has the same goal. I can only imagine what a true mess that situation really is that we don't know about. I can tell by watching that some of the "sisters" are jealous of each other. Yeah, that's a big shock. And not to be mean, but you have to look at the obvious. The ones he's had awhile have lost their looks, and figures a little, and look at the newest edition. She's pretty and fit. I'm only pointing that out because it really shows what this guy, Kody, is all about....himself. I saw the episode where he took one of his wives on a trip with just "their family". She was so needy and desperate. She kept thanking him for making the trip happen to spend time with them all. It was so obvious that this woman was starved for his attention,insecure about the new wife, and saying she was happy without looking like she was. How pathetic for these women to grovel at this man's feet as if he's the one doing them the favor. It really makes me sick. It makes you wonder what kind of teaching they believe that makes this somehow a good idea to them. It's basically legalized cheating where you also bring your affair home to meet the kids and stay awhile. Some setup they have going...for the man.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


So, I think going from workout posts to a recipe, can't be a good thing. ha! But, actually, I've been exercising, just at a slower pace. A lot went on as far as setbacks, and such. But, I really wanted to keep it up, just blogging everyday started getting old fast. I realized that at my age, I will have to exercise regularly to keep from gaining weight. It's a little depressing to realize your metabolism is slowing down. That's life though.

Because my family is not feeling so great, I decided to make some comfort food. This recipe is a Tuscan white bean soup. I got it from Giada, but I've changed it to make it my own. Here it is:

1-2 shallots, chopped
2 tbsp. olive oil
3 cans white beans(rinsed)
4 cups chicken broth
1/2 cup heavy cream
1-2 whole garlic, peeled
white pepper (to taste)
sage seasoning (to taste) I used 2tsp. You can also use fresh if you have it.

Start off by putting the olive oil and chopped shallots on med. to saute. Add the rinsed beans, and 1/2 cup of broth. Simmer. After about 10 minutes, add in your whole garlic clove, pepper and sage. Add in all the rest of the broth. I use a submersible handheld mixer to then puree the beans with the liquids. You could use a blender, just be careful since it's hot. After it simmers for about 20 minutes, add in your cream. Take about a half cup of the hot liquid and add to the cold cream slowly before you add to your soup. You don't want curdled cream. Turn it on low, or serve immediately. I love this with crunchy, thick garlic bread. Yummy!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Better late than never...

Wed. are hard for me to get everything done. It's just a busy day with school and church, work etc. I got the workout in ( 2 mile faith walk-Leslie Sansone), but blogging about it had to wait til now. I'm trying to get a rythmn here, but I want to work out first, and that has to be flexible.
So, anyway, at least I did it. Busy day and all, I made my goal. I'm just saying that if you make up your mind that you ARE going to work out each day, even for 10 min, you can do it. It's better late than never!
My tip for today is for you to test yourself. Prove you're stronger than you think. I had a tea for a couple of friends the other day, and it was so nice. I loved having them over and really didn't want to be "on a diet". I went ahead and ate the cookie, had sugar in my tea, etc.. The next day, I was right back on track. I still had leftover cookies, so I told myself I could still have one, but limit it to that. You don't have to cut out everything you love, just do it in moderation. When you feel yourself slipping and thinking, "I can probably have just one more.." Stop there and think about how much time on a treadmill you'd have to do just to burn it off. Then, go work out that long before you'll let yourself have it. Believe me, you will realize it's not worth it! Are you in it for real? Then you have to commit to it when the going gets tough.

Ok, that's all for now...I'm falling asleep as I type...zzzz

Nighty Nite,

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Motivational speech ahead~

I'm on week 3, and I already fell short of my goal...but wait- all is not lost. I had a talk with myself and said,"Get it in gear, girlfriend!!" I had PLANNED to work out on Friday, but the day drug on and I wasn't motivated. I told myself I had earned a day off. Then, Mon. I planned on fitting it in, but you know how it goes... So, here I am on Tues, and I am back in the saddle. I did 20 minute Zumba express & 45 minute strength training with the Leslie Sansone stretchy band workout. It's like working out with a gigantic rubber band and adds resistance and helps you burn more calories. I'm ready to get back in the groove, and remember why I made the decision to do this in the first place. Technically, working out 3-4 times a week is good, but when you have a personality like mine, you need to commit to every day to stay focused. I take off Sunday. I don't count calories and I don't exercise on Sunday. I'm trying to teach myself a new normal. I have heard that if you do something for 21 days straight, you will have a new habit. We are headed in that zone, and I'm committed. Who's with me??!! Everything counts, even a one mile fast walk. It only takes 15 minutes. Commit to even just one mile a day. Get a pedometer, and clip it on your shirt. Even if you walk in your house, you're making progress. No excuses!! Woohoo!

See you here tomorrow!
p.s. A great calorie saver if you need to cut back a little in your day is to eat cereal for dinner. I love Special K with red berries and vanilla almond.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

.....Ireland anyone??

I'm off traveling again, all from the comfort of my bedroom. Today I went to Ireland. My very favorite place I want to go. It was magical! I was so wrapped up in it, I actually walked 10 min. longer than last time! For those of you on CST, Samantha Brown comes on at 11am on the Travel channel.
So I'm doing good on my calorie counting & exercising daily. I'm hoping to have lost more weight by the time I weigh in the morning. I'm an impatient person and this seems to be taking forever. I want everything yesterday. Speaking of that, has anyone ever tried the HCG diet? I'm thinking about it. It's homeopathic, and you lose weight very fast. I don't like the 500 calories a day part of it. I'm pretty much a creature of habit, and I'm cringing at the thought of no orange juice and coffee the way I want it every day. Even if it is for 2 weeks, I gotta live with other people. I'm sure I wouldn't be very friendly.
Some of you have asked me what I typically eat to stay under 1200 calories a day. I actually haven't changed a thing except portion control and limited snacking. I highly recommend writing down every thing you put in your mouth, no matter how unimportant. Even a stick of gum, or a few bites of something. It all adds up. Get a really good calorie counter (there's tons of free ones) and log everything you eat so you can see it. It'll find most anything, even fast food and name brands. That's a great place to start to see where you're at.

That's all for now, Lassies!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bali was nice...

To mix it up today (yep, I get bored fast) I decided to do the treadmill during Samantha Brown's Travel show. I really like her. She went to Bali, and talk about beautiful! I was so amazed at the country. The time really did fly by, so maybe this is a new thing I'll add in to my weekly routine. I actually still used my ipod just in one ear so I could hear the workout app I've been using. Not only does it have the perfect beat to keep you on track, it also tracks calories burned.
Did you know you can eat 50 Rold Gold pretzels for 120 calories? I don't know about you, but that's great when you really want to have a snack attack. Add in Ruby red grapefruit sustain for 10 calories, and you're doing great.

Ok, so my friend, Steph, sent me a website with dinners under 300 calories. I'll be trying these out for sure and give you some reviews soon. Thanks, Steph!

Happy travels~